Pastor Harold and Dorreen White

Pastor Harold and Dorreen White

After almost 40 years of active ministry, Pastor Harold and Dorreen White know that the single most important aspect of ministry is "one on one" work as Bible instructors. It is also the most glaring need within the Church and with Divine guidance; this is the reason for His Hem Ministry.

Our Vision

The vision for His Hem Ministry it to secure as many funds as possible for this charitable ministry so that people can be hired to work as Bible workers and/or stipend pastors to assist churches in the actual work of soul winning by giving Bible studies and seminars.

To enhance this vision expenses will be very small with no buildings or any kind of overhead. At least 95% of funds will go to employ people using only what is needed to make sure proper accounting procedures will be in place at all times.

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Our Mission

The mission for His Hem Ministry is to employ as many people as possible to do personal ministry work for the saving of souls for God’s Kingdom.

We are completely committed to soul winning
Our President or officers hold unpaid/volunteer positions
We are not a ministry with a large overhead.
Our President or officers hold unpaid/volunteer positions
We are a ministry that follows the Scripture in connecting laity in soul winning.
Your tax-deductible donation will go a long way.
We fully support the 28 Fundamental beliefs of the Word of God.
His Hem Ministry stands true to the pillars of faith that the world needs today.