If you were creating a ministry that would be the most important ministry to create; a ministry that is the most needed in this world what would it be? I know what it should be and that is why His Hem Ministry has come into existence. We are told by inspired writings that there is something more important than preaching as important as that is. And that is personal work seeking souls for the Kingdom one on one.
I had the privilege for over ten and a half years to be a pastor of Sacramento Central SDA Church that has had the wonderful working relationship with a ministry called Amazing Facts. Amazing Facts operates a training school called AFCOE (Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism). I have witnessed the most sincere and dedicated people who make the strong commitment to set aside 4 months of their lives and there are expenses involved in this commitment. They come to get the very best training that I know of being trained how to become soul winners. The training they receive in these four months are more comprehensive and complete than I received in my 4 year college course to achieve a BA in theology.

But the sad part of this scenario is that a majority of them do not get employed to put their training into action as Bible workers etc. Most go home and go back to supporting themselves and their families in other occupations.

His Hem Ministry sole purpose it to put more workers on the front lines of this most important work committed to mankind. His Hem Ministry does not have the overhead of any buildings and many personnel that work at other things than direct soul winning. The only expense is to make sure everything we do is in accordance with the laws of the land, etc.

The Church is filled with many dedicated people. We all want to commit to something that accomplishes the great commission of the church to go and teach all men baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
I love my church and I believe the Remnant Church will accomplish its goal. There will be some defectiveness that reveals itself in these final days inspired writing tells us. We are not to get involved in criticisms of our beloved church as much as we are to find new ways to accomplish our goals. That is the goal of His Hem Ministry. We want to get as many people touching the Hem of Christ’s garment as it were as possible.

That takes effort and sincere work. I’ve seen very few flying fish showing up in our baptismal tanks on a Sabbath morning. In fact I haven’t seen any. It is our work to go out and fish for those who need to be gathered in.

His Hem Ministry employs people to do just that. I write this one day after one of our Bible workers had his second baptism in just two months. Another of our Bible workers has more baptisms and study interests than can be handled in a part-time situation. She does more on her own, but finances do play a part in much this can be done.

If 1000 people would commit just $200 a month His Hem Ministry could put at least 90 some people to work. If these 90 people averaged 2 baptisms a month it would result in over 2000 baptisms a year. Unfortunately 90 full time ministers in our church here in America at least don’t average anything close to that number.

Are those numbers realistic? I know they are because I know that the average number of baptisms I had the privilege of performing was more than 2 per month even with all the other responsibilities of being a minister. And I know there are people more gifted than I am and these numbers would be small compared to reality.

I appeal to you my dear friends to consider making a monthly commitment to the winning of souls for God’s Kingdom. So many ministries that exist today are good ministries and I don’t knock a thing they do. But so many of them spend most of their time speaking to people who are already Christians. That can be uplifting and profitable spiritually speaking, but what the church needs are soul winners. His Hem Ministry is committed to just that. Thank you for what you will do. You will continue to hear from us as we move forward together in faith to get as many people as we can to touch the Hem of His Garment.