Nicodemus.  You probably think you have heard everything there is to hear about this man of the Bible that came to Jesus one night.  But there is one aspect to his life that is so tremendously applicable to our times that I believe most of have never considered.  Please take the time to read this to the end as I think you will have important new insights as to our role to God.

Nicodemus was a proud Pharisee and did meet with Jesus.  Jesus told him he had to be born again.  That smarted, but Nicodemus didn't turn around and run because there was something very special about Jesus.  Nicodemus was not born again that night, but kept studying Scriptures and keeping his eyes and ears open to what was happening with Christ.

Jesus Teaching Nicodemus - His Hem Ministries

When he saw Jesus lifted up on that cross he remembered what He had said about how He would be lifted up just as the serpent in the wilderness had been lifted up.

He realized that Jesus indeed was the Son of God and he surrendered his life to his Messiah and then and there was born again.  As soon as that happened he became an asset to the body of Christ.  He reverently and tenderly took the body of Christ off the cross and laid Him lovingly in a tomb.  

But he didn't stop being an asset to the body of Christ.  The Church is likened in Scriptures to the body of Christ.  And so Nicodemus continued being an asset to the body of Christ by giving his full support to the early Church.  

Now, here is the point I want us all to pick up on.  Nicodemus stopped giving his support to the temple services and gave his time, talent and means to the most important ministry of the day. The leaders of the temple services had succumbed to insubordination of the highest kind, and were responsible for the crucifixion of Christ.

Nicodemus had been a rich man, but died a poor man in this world's good because of giving his support financially to true ministry.  

Let me explain how this is extremely applicable to our day.  Various entities in our beloved church have gotten off track and have become insubordinate to the Remnant Church.  Insubordination is a sin.  If you don't believe that read about Korah, Dathan and Abiram who were swallowed up by the earth for their insubordination.  And by the way it was over the same issue of striving to have people obtain certain offices that they had not been called to.  

Nicodemus gave his support to real ministry to people who truly believed the Bible in all aspects.  We must do the same today.  We must not blindly give of our means to entities which are insubordinate to the will of God.  We must give to ministries that actually put people to work to bring people to a full understanding of salvation and the three angel's messages.

His Hem Ministry is dedicated to doing that.  Hundreds and thousands of people ought to be out there working as the disciples did, preaching and teaching and giving Bible studies to people everywhere.  That is why our most urgent need is to actually put sincere dedicated people to work as Bible workers everywhere.  Your support will help us here at His Hem Ministry do just that.  

What do you think God would have thought of Nicodemus if he had blindly continued giving of his means to the temple services?  We must realize God looks at us in the same light.  The storehouse of that day had become so faulty as to crucify Jesus.

Some storehouses of today with their insubordination are crucifying the son of God afresh.  As you consider these things I pray that you will rally around the most important work in the world and help to support His Hem Ministry in its goals.    Time is running out and Jesus longs to come back to this world.  Let's do all we can to hasten that day.  

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