His Hem Ministry has been established for the sole purpose of putting people to work as Bible workers, sharing God's Word with people everywhere. Listen to this powerful passage from the pen of inspiration.

"House-to-house work will be done by men and women who realize that they can labor for the Lord because he has put His Spirit upon them. Christ will impart to them grace, which they will impart to others... There are men who will spend and be spent to win souls to Christ,. In obedience to the great commission, many will go forth to work for the Master.....These workers are to be strengthened and encouraged, and as fast as possible prepared for labor, that success may crown their efforts." -RH June 27, 1912

His Hem Ministries - Our Vision

Over the years as a minister at Sacramento Central Church I saw people come to Amazing Facts Ministry for just such training. They were filled with enthusiasm and inspiration to do the work of God. But many of them had to go back to their former occupations or something else because there was no one able to support them financially. Our conferences do not fund Bible workers and most churches do not have the finances in their budgets. I have such a burning desire to see hundreds of such workers out there on the front line for our Master.

There are a lot of ministries. But so many of them do not provide workers in the vineyard. In fact many of them have leaders that go around preaching to the choir. That isn't bad, but we need workers, laboring for souls. His Hem Ministry is dedicated to just that. There is little to none overhead in this ministry. There are no buildings to upkeep.

There are only a small amount of funds necessary to make sure all accounting is done accurate and honestly. Otherwise all donations will be used to put people to work. Already in just less than a month, two people are working and another one should be soon and people are studying the great themes of the Bible with dedicated Bible workers.

Ministries claim to be God's storehouse. Some of them are doing a wonderful work.

Other storehouses seem to have structural damage and many holes. How can we give to something that we know that will result in real ministry? We at His Hem Ministry have a powerful burden that this ministry will be such a place to where people can give and see results. All donations are tax deductible and your monthly commitment will help to hasten the Lord's return. Thank you in advance to what you will do.

Send your commitments to His Hem Ministry, P.O. Box 2526, Citrus Heights, CA 95621. May God richly bless you.

Pastor Harold White